3 +1 CES 2017: Trends Publishers Need to Know

January 4, 2017 by Christine Göös

Time flies, it was only yesterday that we pulled together our piece on last year’s Consumer Electronics Show. For 2017 we’ve narrowed our focus to concentrate on trends that matter the most to the digital advertising industry.

We are curious to learn how content will evolve, how it will be consumed, and what it means to publishers in the new year.

CES sets the tone for tech for the entire year – read on to discover which key trends will leave their mark on digital publishing.

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Letter from the CEO: A Year in the Life of Digital Advertising

December 21, 2016 by Antti Pasila

2016 has been a year of transformation for Kiosked – and the digital advertising industry as a whole. Online advertising has long had a terrible rap for supporting fraud, bot traffic, and obscure monetization schemes.

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Ads are Getting Lean And Mean: Industry Placing Users First

December 1, 2016 by Perry Mitchell

Welcome to 2017: The online advertising industry, closely monitored by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), now realizes how bloated and poor-performing their own ecosystem is. The tech community, behind the endless ad infrastructure of the internet, has been packing on the weight in terms of transfer size, memory usage, and an insatiable hunger for attention.

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The Thanksgiving List of Digital Advertising Reads

November 23, 2016 by Christine Göös

If you’re anything like us (obsessed with all things digital), then the Thanksgiving holidays are the perfect time to catch up on what’s buzzing in our industry. We wanted to streamline  the hunt for great reads with our ultimate holiday read & watch list. Have a peek at our picks and let us know what you think! Tweet us @kiosked or leave a comment below.

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Developer Blog Series: Video and User Experience

November 17, 2016 by Perry Mitchell

Welcome back to our developer blog series where Kiosked engineers explore the user experience side of digital ad formats. This post is written by Perry Mitchell, Senior Software Engineer and Front-end Team Lead at Kiosked. If you missed the introductory blog post by Daniel Bailo, head over here.

By spending time online you already  know how shaky an online video playback experience can be. Videos on web pages, especially those that are ads, just plain suck. Most videos that are served up to us are of a substantial size, quite slow to load and negatively affect the performance of the page you’re viewing. Your interest was to read an article, yet instead you spend your time waiting for the scroll to respond. Videos are, by far, the largest media format commonly consumed on the web  – and it’s fighting for your bandwidth alongside the images, JavaScript, styling, and content that you’re also trying to load (maybe on your not-so-cheap mobile data plan).

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