The Thanksgiving List of Digital Advertising Reads

November 23, 2016 by Christine Göös

Programmatic Advertising and Programmatic Video Reads

If you’re anything like us (obsessed with all things digital), then the Thanksgiving holidays are the perfect time to catch up on what’s buzzing in our industry. We wanted to streamline  the hunt for great reads with our ultimate holiday read & watch list. Have a peek at our picks and let us know what you think! Tweet us @kiosked or leave a comment below.

“I want the basics of programmatic advertising.”

Start with our free ebook on programmatic advertising – from case studies to no-nonsense explanations on key concepts, The Advertisers’ Guide to Programmatic offers an easy entry into all things programmatic.

“Everybody’s talking about header bidding – I need in.”

The publishing industry is abuzz about header bidding and no wonder: it’s a great way to drive revenue and inventory value up. At Kiosked we love the WTF series by Digiday, so head over here to read their great explanation on how header bidding works.

“Give me the tech scoop on programmatic video.”

Video ad formats are a tricky one to master; on one hand they offer high CPMs, yet they need to surpass a few tech-side challenges. Kiosked Front-End Team Lead Perry Mitchell discusses the core issue in detail here.

“What’s new in the online ad space?”

Facebook for one is testing real time ads as a part of their live streaming. And the newer platforms? Adweek lists fun Snapchat content examples from brands. Lastly, take a look at how 360 degree content can drive results in mobile advertising.

“No more reads, I’d rather go for videos.”

We hear you. What about a look into 2017 with industry-leading publishers and online advertising professionals from companies including Condé Nast and Mediamath? Click here to watch the highlights of our interviews at Advertising Week 2016.

Wishing you a relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving.



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