January 8, 2016 by Christine Göös


It is a thought-provoking question; how does the newest in consumer electronics mix with digital and programmatic advertising? CES isn’t just about gadgets anymore, and as our co-founder Antti Pasila mentions in his AdWeek interview, more media and ad tech companies are attending the event than ever before. The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wraps up tomorrow in Las Vegas, so we wanted to share our take on this year’s tech trends from digital advertising point of view. It is always fun to speculate, so we did not hold back in imagining a few futuristic applications of the CES trends in our industry. Have a look!

Is Voice the New Cookie?

Moving beyond the lovely Siris and Alexas, voice guidance is marking a significant shift in how we use and command our devices. Cnet, a website that reports on all things technology, hosted a panel discussing this issue on the first day of the show. Once voice recognition matures, will digital advertising move onto targeting spoken keywords instead of written ones? According to our engineers at Kiosked, it is completely possible, at least from a technical point of view. Privacy issues are a whole other story, though. Read the whole article over at Cnet.

Video – Still Hot

The doomsday prophets predicting the death of television a couple of years back could not have been more wrong: TV is stronger than ever, just in different forms. CES has become a must-attend event for video content giants with both Youtube and Netflix giving keynote presentations at the show. Smart and internet televisions and streaming services are all about integrated, cross-device experiences – same goes for targeting digital video advertising: content type, device, time of consumption, and so on. Video ads will be huge this year, which is why our team at Kiosked has developed a world-class solution that works across all devices; get to know the Kiosked way to programmatic video advertising here.

Immersive Advertising: Virtual Reality

Innovations in virtual reality were perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of this year’s CES. VR is steadily morphing from a sci-fi concept to commercial mainstream with major players from Oculus Rift to the more affordable Google Cardboard rolling out their solutions. It is only a matter of time that advertising is integrated into the experience for content monetization. With a technology this immersive, the user experience of the advertisements needs to be carefully planned. Here’s what our Principal Engineer, Innovation Lab, Edvard Karvinen, has to say on the issue:

Most of the free services and web communities are driven by ads. Same will happen with virtual reality. Ad placements will be sold to businesses among other content. Those we can call true rich media ads.”

Our industry (and tech in general) is getting more intriguing by the day. What are your thoughts on CES 2016? Share below!

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