Advertising Week Highlights: All Eyes on Optimal Advertising Experiences

October 8, 2016 by Christine Göös


Advertising Week just wrapped up in New York and what an inspiring whirlwind of talks, events, and insights it was! As the week progressed,  we noticed that improving digital advertising experiences has become a dominant narrative across the board. It's no surprise: ad blocking is the greatest threat to free online content as its popularity is a direct response to intrusive and poor user experiences.

It's clear that the industry has to rethink digital advertising. At Kiosked we are leading the movement towards optimal advertising experiences by allowing publishers to re-imagine their site UX with user friendly ad formats.

To trigger conversation and change, we invited four experts to join our exclusive publisher panel and breakfast during Advertising Week New York. We now bring you our favorite quotes from the panel:

Scott Gifis, Global VP Platform Sales and Operations at AdRoll:

2017 will be known for sharing data: how we can merge it and collaborate to create more integrated experiences.

Nicole Sheffield, Managing Director - News DNA Australia and Chair of IAB:

Lighter ads will help combat ad blocking: faster load times equal a better user experience.

Mitchell Weinstein, SVP, Director of Ad Operations at IPG Mediabrands:

2017 is the year of the consumer: more respectful targeting, lighter ads, less intrusive ads. It's time to put the user experience first.

Joe Speiser, Co-Founder and CEO at LittleThings:

In this day and age, monetization has to be a core competency (for publishers) along with a focus on user experience: how many ads you can have on a site without angering the users.

We will be sharing more insights from the event soon – stay tuned. If you'd like to start improving your site UX with high-performing Kiosked ads, send us a note from the link below.

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