The Challenge of Non-Human Traffic

March 30, 2017 by Antti Pasila

As the digital advertising industry matures, it has reintroduced fundamental questions of transparency and integrity. Here we take a look at ad fraud and non-human traffic: what it is and which measures should be considered to counter it.

What is non-human traffic?

In digital advertising, non-human traffic, invalid traffic, or bot traffic is referred to as website activity performed by a software application rather than a real person browsing online. As mentioned, bots (or “spiders”) are applications that are used to run various repetitive tasks online.

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Digiday Publishing Summit: The Art of Predictive Media Monetization

March 29, 2017 by Antti Pasila

As the digital advertising industry gathers on the slopes of Vail, it is time to take a closer look at a topic that I mentioned in my previous Vail post: the role of artificial intelligence in digital advertising.

It’s easy to confuse the AI chatter for a fleeting trend – yet for our industry, it should be regarded as the next step in our evolution. Digital and programmatic advertising has been moving towards an automated state since the mid nineties: Yahoo launched digital ads in 1994. In 2011, real-time-bidding (RTB) finally became mainstream.

Initially, automation was the key to buying and selling ad inventory at scale. Today, it is beginning to touch everything from targeting to creative messaging, becoming more refined by the day.

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3 Apres-Ski Conversations Anticipated at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail

March 17, 2017 by Antti Pasila

The last week of March marks an exciting time for anyone working in digital advertising. Digiday will host its renowned Publishing Summit on 29-31 in Vail, Colorado.

I will be attending the summit, and I’m sure we will have interesting discussions regarding the future of digital publishing and monetization. If you want to take a break from the slopes and meet, book your time from this link.

I’ve outlined three key topics publishers and ad technology partners we expect to be covered  at the summit. Have a read and let me know if you agree.

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Ad Tech All In: Publisher First in 2017

February 13, 2017 by Antti Pasila

Last year has been a point of self-reflection for the entire digital advertising ecosystem. As the market matures and technologies evolve, the need to tackle rampant challenges, such as site clutter, fraud, and ad blocking, has become critical. Sacrificing user experience at the cost of making short-term revenue isn’t a sustainable way to conduct business anymore – both publishers and ad tech vendors have realized this. 

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3X Social Media Trends for Publishers

January 12, 2017 by Christine Göös

Our regular readers have noticed that we’re all about trend forecasts around the new year. Before you roll up the sleeves and dive into work, it’s good to look up and see where the industry is headed. In the past two posts we've discussed the future of digital advertising and how CES trends impact the publishing industry. Both worth a read, by the way.

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